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5 Tips to getting dubs in Warzone

Call of Duty finally released it’s highly anticipated battle royale game Warzone. Millions have jumped in to try out this new game mode but haven’t been successful in bringing home any victories. So here are five tips from a not very good player that have helped me.

1. Money, money, money- dropping in and getting cash early is key. Taking your money or your teams combined money to the buy stations can get you an immediate advantage over the opponent. Buying your own custom loadouts for your team gives everyone their own “kitted out” guns and perks that almost all players don’t have in the beginning. Even if you don't have enough for custom loadouts, buying shields or UAVs gives you a massive advantage. 2. Prison buddy. So lets say your team got wiped out all at once. There is a good chance that at least two of you end up in the gulag together. The player from above can easily give callouts to the player below letting them know where the opponent is heading. So stop throwing rocks and start helping out. Be a team player!

3. Thermal scopes. As of now, thermal scopes are one of the most dangerous things in Warzone. You can see anyone not using the Cold-Blooded perk from almost any distance on the map. Sniping or scouting someone from a great distance is very easy when they glow bright white. I personally use Cold-Blooded just to counter this.

4. Sneaky sneaky. With a lot of ways to find your enemies on this giant map, I’ve tried to find ways for them NOT to find me. I have switched from using the Overkill perk that gave me and two primary weapons to using the Ghost perk. Ghost will keep me off of the UAVs and Cold Blooded will keep me off the thermal. Next thing you know I'm standing next to you with my gun in your mouth. TASTE IT! 5. Patience, communication, and staying together. Warzone like a lot of battle royal games (Fortnite, Apex Legends) and doesn't always reward the guy jumping in the middle with his LMG and blasting everyone in sight. I would recommend staying patient and choosing your fights wisely, communicating everything you see and hear and staying semi close to each other. I'm not saying play like a little camping bitch but don’t be an idiot. Find that nice medium.

Hope these things help you out a little with getting a few wins under your belt. Also keep in mind that I kinda suck and don't really know what I’m talking about though. Squad up! Make sure to listen to our Podcast - Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast. New episodes every Tuesday! Seriously, go laugh your ass off and listen!

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