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"FSU sets a school record by winning their 28th game of the season"

Survive and advance. That is the verdict after this game and I would agree with that. It wasn’t a pretty game but FSU does what they do best…find ways to win these games. FSU starts off its 2019 NCAA Tournament run with a 67-59 victory over the 13 seed Vermont. FSU also set a school record by winning their 28th game of the season. Incredible. It truly shows the amazing job that Coach Hamilton has done not only this season but over time to make FSU a relevant college basketball program.


FSU has been dealing with nagging injuries all season and it was announced pregame that Phil Cofer wouldn’t be playing. I was bummed. Phil has been off all season but he puts in quality minutes and busts his ass on the court. Trent Forest also hasn’t been 100% all season either and I give him credit…he is out there giving it his all at about 60%. We knew we would have the size advantage and that their key to success was shooting the three pointer. They damn sure did that. 16 made three pointers. Unbelievable. We have had our issues covering the three all season but even when we seemed to contest the shot and just as it seemed like we were going to pull away, those damn Catamounts would knock down another shot. I give props to their forward Anthony Lamb. Dude is a good player.

The game was tied 27-27 at halftime and I would really have liked to be inside our locker room to hear Leonard’s halftime speech. Leonard keeps it together on the court but I bet he can yell with the best of them. It was an ugly first half of basketball and the second half didn’t start off great either. We went back and forth and they would hit a 3 to keep them in the game or just ahead. I’m glad I was able to work from home for the second half because my job would have kicked me out.


Terance Mann and Mfiondu Kabengele decided to take over the game. These two caught fire halfway through the second half and help FSU get the lead and not look back. FSU took a 46-45 lead with 10:14 left and didn’t let up. Kabengele’s 21 points and Mann’s 19 points led the charge and combined with some good defense and turnovers overwhelmed the Catamounts. It was nice to finally see our size and strength as an advantage and slow down the last ditch effort of the Catamounts.

This was a great job by FSU to grind it out and pick up the win in a game that was basically a home game for Vermont. It might have been a home game for Vermont but during the final moments all you could hear was the beautiful sound of the War Chant. FSU now has to get ready to take on Murray State on Saturday during the Round of 32. Overall, I really like FSU’s draw and they have a very favorable Road to the Final Four. Let’s just keep taking care of business one game at a time. THE MADNESS CONTINUES!!!!



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