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If you think Cameron Diaz...

"She overdramatizes every scene and every action... I enjoy Cameron Diaz’s acting normally but there is no excusing for this performance"

If you think Cameron Diaz’s acting in Gangs of New York is anything short of horrendous, your opinion is no longer valid…..ever again. I am not a total hater. I enjoy many of Cameron Diaz’s roles. This role just did not fit her. I also want to mention the role itself was pretty shitty. Her character was not that interesting to the point that she was annoying me. It has been reported that Scorsese (the legend himself) even requested that her accent not be too perfect to represent an immigrant as opposed to an American native.

Ok, now that I gotten all the excuses out of the way let me begin. Here accent is GOD-AWFUL. I get she was told to make it less real but was she told to sound like a person playing drunk charades who forgets if she’s supposed to be doing a British, Scottish, or Irish accent. You mix all three of those “accents” together and she is also trying to mix in some comedy as well? If so I take it all back, she deserves an Oscar because she pulled it off perfectly. Forget her horrible accent for a minute (if only that was possible), her facial expressions are forced and over the top. Anytime someone says something she looks like she is trying to solve the math equation from Good Will Hunting.

She overdramatizes every scene and every action. I could keep going but I think you are getting my point. I enjoy Cameron Diaz’s acting normally but there is no excusing for this performance. The blame goes to everyone involved. Scorsese should have pulled the plug when he realized her accent wasn’t a joke and she was actually being serious. Leo should have told her how ridiculous she looked reacting to a simple question with the same look I give people when they start talking about politics (a mix of confused and scared).

Daniel Day Lewis should……have not done shit because he was too busy killing his roll as Bill the Butcher.

We can take a break from hating on Diaz to remember how fucking good Daniel Day Lewis was in that movie. I have literal chills typing this thinking about that performance. Damn. Just damn. It is truly a credit to the other acting performances, the directing, and the movie as a whole that despite Cameron Diaz’s character that movie is fantastic. Long story short, if you haven’t seen Gangs of New York stop what you are doing and watch it right now. It’s an excellent movie just completely ignore Cameron Diaz’s acting. If you think she does a good job in that movie, you should do everyone a favor and please never talk about movies with other people. Your opinion officially doesn’t matter.

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