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"What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?" Ranking the Scream Movies

"What's your favorite scary movie?" One of the most iconic lines from any horror movie ever. This Friday we get the latest installment of one of the most famous horror franchise. Scream VI releases this Friday and it will be a very different feel this time around. The franchise will not have Sidney Prescott for the first time ever and it shifts to NYC from Woodsboro. I'm digging the changes. Here is my quick ranking of the Scream movies.

#5 Scream 3 (2000)

My least favorite of all the movies. I thought it was a decent ending to the original trilogy but it does what many final installments of a trilogy do...try and juggle too many storylines. A bit heavy on the cliches but I will say this has one of my favorite opening scenes. Also a bit predictable (at least for me) but it does wrap up the original story. IMDB rating=5.6 Box Office gross=$160 million (worldwide)

#4 Scream 4 (2011)

11 years after the original trilogy concluded we are right back to Woodsboro with Scream 4. I do enjoy that we brought back the original trio (Sydney, Gail, Dewey). This one has some decent scares and kills and I would say feels closet to the original at the time. It is tough to make a fourth installment and keep the franchise fresh but Scream 4 does that. And then we decided to wait another decade? IMDB rating=6.2 Box Office=97 million (worldwide)

#3 Scream 2 (1997)

You could maybe call this a guilty pleasure one for me but I enjoy Scream 2. It's definitely not as good as the OG but it is still a good sequel. I like that this one leaves Woodsboro and follows Sydney to college where she is trying to escape everything that happened. Plenty of good scares and one of my favorite chase scenes as well as some good swerves. The film nerd in me would love to take that movie class in the beginning. IMDB rating-6.3 Box Office=$172 million (worldwide)

#2 Scream 5 (2022)

Not sure why they didn't just call this Scream 5 and just called it Scream? I think they had intentions of rebooting it but then decided to make it a direct sequel and keep the franchise going. A nice mix of new characters and the OG characters we love makes for a pretty unpredictable movie. You will laugh, cry and be trying to guess what happens next. Plenty of nods to the OG Scream and we won't have to wait a decade for the next one! IMDB rating=6.3 Box Office=$137 million (worldwide)

#1 Scream (1996)

What else can you's a classic. Easily one of my favorite slashers and many would argue the best slasher film of the 90s. One of the wildest openings to a horror movie and has created a staple in the horror genre with Ghostface. A cool, unique and original story that is easily one that should be rewatched each year around Halloween or just some random night in June. Stacked cast and just truly a staple of the horror/slasher genre. IMDB rating=7.4 Box Office=$173 million (worldwide)

With over $740 million at the worldwide box office and an average franchise rating of 6.4 on IMDB, I would say Scream is quite the successful franchise. The hype for the new one is pretty high so I wouldn't be shocked to be writing another one of these in the future with all the future sequels. Which Scream movie is your favorite? Cheers and Happy Viewing!

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