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"This season provides some of the best home games I’ve ever attended... I think the Duke game this past year was the loudest I’ve ever heard The Tuck."

I have probably said that quote at least 50 times over the past month. That’s a lie. It’s closer to 100. This phrase started as a joke from The Jeff Cameron Show and it has literally turned into a truth for College Basketball. The Donald L. Tucker Center, aka The Tuck aka The TLC Double C has become the toughest place to play in College Basketball. Come at me.

This is coming not only from a Florida State fan but someone who attends the majority of the games. FSU had its home finale against #14 Virginia Tech in a huge game which would determine who would be the 4 seed in the ACC tournament and would get the double bye. A crowd of over 10,000 watched as this team fought back after being down 14 at halftime. It was an emotional night being Senior Night for Terance Mann, Phil Cofer, PJ Savoy, David Nichols and Christ Koumadje.


This season provides some of the best home games I’ve ever attended. I’ve said it before. I think the Duke game this past year was the loudest I’ve ever heard The Tuck. It’s incredible to see this environment that has been created in Tallahassee and all the other opposing coaches would agree that it’s extremely tough and proven to be rare to come into Tallahassee and pick up a win.

This senior class has helped FSU have the best home record in the country over the past three years. We are 49-3 in our last 52 home games. That is fucking incredible. We went 15-1 at home this past season with our only loss being that heartbreaker at the buzzer against Duke. We have proved that The TLC Double C is the toughest place to play. We haven’t lost a non-conference home game in 4 years. This isn’t something we have done by luck. Leonard Hamilton has created an amazing program which is now heading to their third straight NCAA tournament.

This team is special. They are poised to make a deep run in the tournament. We made the Elite Eight last year and were so close to the Final Four. It all begins by defending your home court and we have become experts at that. I will say it again. 49-3 at home in our last 52 games. The least amount of losses at home IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. Damn I’m proud of this team. I’ve always been a huge FSU Basketball fan and seeing this type of success is outstanding.

Brace yourselves….it’s March. It means the madness is almost upon us! We will all be cheering FSU on in the ACC tournament and the NCAA tournament. The TLC Double C will be quiet for the next eight months but will continue to echo the beautiful music created by the Seminole Sound on a weekly basis. One last praise to the 2019 Seniors. #OneLastRide We appreciate everything you have done for this team and this program.

#PackTheTuck forever!!

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