We’ve all said it to the guys at one point, “the stuff we say and do could be a show”. So, we did it but not in the way you'd think. The crew, all from Florida State University, got together to give you the game changing comedy podcast that brings a late night tv show feel to the podcast world! Entertaining you with segments like - Fill in the Blanks ,Trivia, Brackets, Dad Tips, Florida Man Rants & Name that Show...but with NO politics.

Everyone on the podcast brings something different to the show. Kevin being the elder/dad, Chase with his sports and tv show background, Jason with his marketing and creativity, Chris the content writer and movie buff and Jose with his "This is Where we Fucked Up" segment that keeps us in check. Because of that, every episode is unique and everything is relatable. We aren't here to educate you, just get you through the day, while keeping your sanity at bay.

   Remember, the guys on Cup to Cup might act like experts, but we aren’t and we’re ok with that. The podcast is entertaining, some times off the cuff, bizarre, funny and weird but who isn't? Escape from the office, put on the head phones and be apart of the convo. Contribute to our daily questions, polls, posts and brackets via social media. You can also drop us a voice nugget from this site and we'll play on the  podcast too.

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Chase graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor's degree in old man angry rants and criminology.  After college he traveled the world with his wife or at least like three places and honed his skills as a hypocritical, over-confident, conversationalist. Through years of arguing with friends, discussing riveting world conundrums, and pretending to be an expert on all sports he's finally prepared for this exact moment. He's a straight talker who calls them like he sees them. Unfortunately he needs glasses but refuses to get them.  He's the incomparable, unrelenting, dad joke making, angry curmudgeon ranting, host that Cup to Cup didn't need but has anyways. This is Chase.


Kevin is a Seminole grad, Green Bay Packer owner (yes we said owner), and lifetime Cub fan.  He is the old man of the group and with his age comes great wisdom, mostly in the form of Dad Tips.  At 36 he spends way to much time playing video games, eating pizza and trying not to drop F-bombs in front of his two girls.  He’s knowledgeable in everything, yet not an expert at anything.

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Jason is Florida raised, a Florida State University grad, Florida resident and Florida hater (the state and university). He’s the friend that you handle in small doses but need around to make things a little more interesting. He has few hobbies, loves his patient and beautiful wife, has 2 kickass labs and also owns the Packers. On the show, he’s the one in the background trying to keep the crew on track, talking about random things he finds on Instagram, that no one cares about. Jason’s skills can be easily described in 4 words; jack of useless trades.

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Chris was there from the beginning. He was there the first time that epic phrase was exclaimed at an FSU tailgate. “CUP TO CUP!” We can’t play a game of flip cup without saying it. He is a graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a minor in bar-hopping. Chris likes to call himself a “Content Editor” on the show. He likes to suggest ideas for the show while also being the grammar police. Chris will be a frequent guest on the show when he is not off writing about average TV shows or chatting with his banking clients. Chris thinks pizza and subs are overrated. He eats food every day of his life (don’t let these other guys convince you otherwise). Leonardo DiCaprio is the greatest actor of our time. Come at me bro.

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Hip Hip! Jose was born and raised in New Jersey. He is a proud supporter of the 27 time World Series Champion New York Yankees and feeds off the hate he gets for it. Jose and Jason went to high school together and then to college at THE Florida State University where they met the rest of the guys this completing this circle of random tomfoolery. It was him who one day suggested that the boys start a podcast* He takes full credit for this becoming a reality, unless it tanks in which case he wants nothing to do with it. He loves his dogs Jeter & Abbey, laughing at corny puns, refining his terrible dad jokes and being overly passionate about stupid things. He hosts a weekly segment on the show called “This is Where We Fucked Up” and provides behind the scenes content.

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