Life as a dad or parent isn’t easy. As a dad, Kevin has gathered

some knowledge for you, that some parents just don't think to tell you. 


                                       - AMBER


Tip 01

Get your kids on a solid schedule. Set exact times for sleeping, eating, playing, shitting (well somethings you can’t schedule). That way you can plan the rest of your day around that.

Tip 04

Your child’s brain is a sponge.  If your kid drops the F bomb at school, that’s probably because you’re dropping F bombs around him or her.  If you do catch them cursing don’t laugh (even though it’s funny), drop the hammer of disappointment on them!  They’ll know then that it’s not F'n cool.

Tip 07

Make sure that if you have more than one child you are giving Individual time with each parent. Don't be selfish, spread the love guys!

Tip 10

Slowly teach them to make your day easier.  Weather it’s cleaning things up, letting the dog out, or even grabbing a beer, your kids can make your life so much easier.  

Tip 02

Stop wasting your hard earned money on stupid stuff as a parent. Changing tables? Some parents spend hundreds of dollars! We own a dresser with a pad and it works amazing.  Wipes? The cheaper baby wipes are sometimes better!! Please parents, stop overspending for no reason.

Tip 05

Don’t forget about your spouse.  The foundation of your family is the two of you.  If you don’t take care of each other and spend alone time just the two of you, you are putting the foundation of your family at risk.

Tip 08

Stop making excuses, stop being bitches, regardless of the weather or anything else! Get your kids out and have fun.  If it’s a little colder, bundle them up, if it’s too hot, there are places with AC!! Get out and have fun!!

Tip 11

Get your newborn/infant in their own room ASAP.  Obviously for a few months they will have to be near mommy but after that, it will make everyone’s life better (including the child) if you move the baby to a crib in his/her own room.  

Tip 03

Take control at an early age.  If you don’t take control of what your kid does early on, that is only going to make things so much damn harder later on.  Set boundaries and show them that you’re the fucking dad or mom and you run this shit, not the other way around.

Tip 06

Stop wasting wipes!  You have 4 max! If you use more than that, you’re wasting money that you could spending on your kids or on your damn yourself. 

Tip 09

When you have a newborn or infant and they’re napping or sleeping, don’t try to be too quiet.  If the baby learns to sleep with a little bit of noise, that means the smallest sounds won’t wake them up in the future.

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