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Why do the brackets have to be about basketball and why only in March? We cover a wide range of categories all year long.



                                                             - JON

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We’re back with another epic bracket! Just some boys, standing in front of a podcast audience asking them to love us…. and help us pick the Best 90’s Rom-Com! What’s more American than American Pie but a

90’s Rom-Com?!

Each week we’ll break down the Rom and Com between two legendary movies, but we’ll need your help to pick the Biggest Daddy of them all. Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with 10 things you hate about each match, just follow these 4 simple criteria.


Points & Criteria

With many weeks of rankings, you all have narrowed it down to the top 32. We took those rankings and placed them into the bracket (see below). Now each week you can vote on every matchup on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. But your vote is based on the below criteria.

You must...

Each vote WILL be based on these criteria and only these

Romantic Aspect 

How much romance is in the movie, is it a good story or overused?
Comedy Aspect 

Are you laughing? No? Then it's not funny.

The 90s Feel

Could be the clothes or could be the cliche 25-year-old playing a teen role

Date Night

Are you getting lucky by watching this with your date?


*Tie Breaker

If you're clicking through, are you passing this movie up or leaving it on?

The votes will go as followed

Each crew member's vote counts as 8 points each

Facebook Poll counts as 15 points

Instagram Poll counts as 20 points

Twitter counts as 5 points

(points might increase if poll numbers increase)

Tap the bracket to enlarge.
(If on mobile, turn the phone horizontal and you can zoom in after you tap the image)

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