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Each month the crew brings on a guest from all over Planet Earth. We try to find people that bring something new to the table, something intriguing, fun and maybe even educational.


                                        - TREVOR

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Episode 10

Little House on the HWY

     We’re Little House on the HWY. We (Richard and Elizabeth) bought a school bus in April 2018 and converted into a tiny home on wheels outside of Atlanta, GA. We moved into our school bus home on August 1st and have traveled through 23 states in five months.


We chose this life to live more sustainably, see the world and to better understand American culture. You can follow our adventure by searching Little House on the HWY on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. Until then, we’ll see you on the HWY!


Instagram: @littlehouseonthehwy 



Episode 13

Trevor Lakin

A.K.A. ShirtlessPreacher

A college dropout turned Real Estate investor/inspirational speaker.

  • Bodybuilder

  • Realtor

  • Investor

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Influencer


When you realize that your time here is finite and your limits are self-imposed.



Instagram: @TheShirtlessPreacher 

Facebook: @Trevor Lakin



Episode 17

Evans Prater

Mount Inspiration Apparel, Co.

Evans Prater hiked the entire 2185.3 mile Appalachian Trail in 2014, during which time he discovered an intense and paradigm shifting connection with nature. Once finished, he decided he needed to tell the world they need to go outside more. He toyed around with blogging, podcasting, and other forms of media, until, on a whim, he decided to teach himself graphic design. He took his spiritual trail motto, "Everything you carry should be light," and made the first sticker of what would later become his sustainable apparel company, Mount Inspiration.


Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the company uses only sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled plastic bottle polyester to bring Evans' fun, funny, positive, uplifting, and spiritual designs based on the healing and transformative power of nature to life. The brand currently sells to over 100 independent outdoor stores, gift shops, and boutiques in 25 states and Canada, and continues to grow. The brand also works closely with environmental protection non-profits to do trail clean-ups, maintenance, and conservation and donates 5% of its profits to environmental protection.



Instagram: @mount_inspiration

Facebook: @mountinspiration



FSU : The Forgotten Article

Jason Paker

Co-Expert Chop Chat Writer

Jason Parker joined ChopChat in March 2016 as co-expert while also writing for a year with FanSided, focusing on college football and the NFL. He has spent over a dozen years in the sports media business - including close a decade working for TV stations in both Tallahassee and Miami. There, he has covered events that include everything from the Super Bowl to the NBA Finals to countless bowl games and National Championships.


Jason added writing sports on the web to his resume in 2014, serving as a staff writer and college football insider for another site before becoming editor-in-chief. He graduated from FSU with a B.A. in Communication and may be the biggest 'Noles fan there is. Jason resides in South Florida surrounded by way too many fans of the 'Canes, but at least they aren't Gators.


Twitter: @jpchopchat



Episode 24

Patrick Henigan

Owner/Trainer | Jacksonville Fitness Academy

I am a nationally certified (ACSM, FMS L2) and published personal trainer. I am one of the owners and the lead trainer at Jacksonville Fitness Academy.

I view fitness differently than most other trainers, because my path to fitness was much different.

From my late teens to mid 20s I was an opiate addict.  I was scrawny, unhealthy and unhappy.  Through vigorous physical and spiritual discipline I transformed my body, my mind and my life.  I learned to push myself so I could live my life to its full potential.

I am an incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and sought after Strength and Conditioning Coach.

I have nearly a decade of experience training people like SNL Cast members, MLS players and Fortune 500 CEOs but I prefer to bring my brand of pain free performance training to people just like you.  There is a proper way to train that will repair your body, while also pushing it to a higher level.

You are different and unique.  Your training should reflect that.  I will provide you with all the tools, experience, and knowledge you need to reach your goals.  


Instagram : @JaxFitAcademy


Episode 28

David Wiswell

Comedian/Host | Pop Up Interviews

David Wiswell is a comedian and host of "Pop Up Interviews" the guerrilla talkshow that is sprung on random people online in randomized online video chats like Chatroulette and Omegle all in front of a live audience. It's equal parts parody of a talkshow and actual interview show. It's the show that says "fuck celebrities! Anyone can be the next guest!" He's interviewed everyone from ex cons talking about their DEA busts to webcam porn models to bored couples about their sex lives. The show is irreverent, honest, addicting and just plain fun!  It's like Conan O'brien meets Taxi Cab Confessions.

The Show can be found at every Thursday as well as sketches, funny songs and other irreverent comedy content.

Instagram : @DavidWiswell



Episode 33

Joe Pepe

Wellness Expert

Corporate Fitness Center manager, writer for FantasyPros, Men’s health, Men’s Fitness, LIVESTRONG, Ehow, HumanFitProject. I won TKO game show on CBS called TKO with Kevin Hart. I won Hottest and Healthiest in America with LIVESTRONG/Match. I was also named the Eagles mascot and tied for first in naming the Sixers old mascot.


I've been on TMZ before to discuss Kanye West feuding with Kid Cudi. I played Major League soccer with the Philadelphia Union. Avid superhero nerd, fantasy football and sports nerd and avid Eminem fan.


Dumb Fact: Won THREE different Gangnam style competitions ( I don't know how they had three of them but they did) 

Instagram: jpep20

Facebook: jpep531

Twitter: jpep20


Do you want to be a guest and have a bad ass time telling your story?

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