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Tally Food Bracket

Our producer and former Tally resident Jose made a comment recently about how Tallahassee despite being a medium sized city has a great and thriving food community. This comment along with Cup to Cup’s natural tendency to turn everything in life into a march madness bracket got what little juice I have in my brain churning. The culmination of these things is the Tally Food Bracket.

This is exactly what it sounds like. Over the next few months, myself and Chris along with our loyal fans and listeners will be voting on local Tallahassee restaurants to come up with the best food in Tallahassee. I want to reiterate how awesome Tally food has become before we even get started. Every place on this bracket is on there because the food is delicious. You should check out all of these places, regardless of how far they go in our bracket.

With that out of the way, let's get into how we will be picking the places on this bracket. I do love to eat at local places I do recognize that I have not eaten at every delicious place Tallahassee has to offer. Knowing this we are asking for your help. If you live in Tallahassee, lived in Tallahassee or drove through once and ate somewhere tell me what deserves to be on the bracket and what your favorite dish is at that place. This will help make sure we don’t leave off any deserving local spots.

For the criteria for picking a winner I am keeping it simple. I love dining in but that is a bit more difficult during these times so unfortunately service/ambiance will not be one of my criteria which I acknowledge is a big part of the restaurant experience.. The 3 criteria I will be using are:

1. Overall taste

2. Portion size (I’m a big dude)

3. Cost.

These are the 3 main criteria I will be using but in my eyes they are not weighed equally. At the end of the day the most important thing is taste. This makes my list something like 60% overall taste 20% portion size and 20% cost.

I have already asked a few friends/family for their favorite places to eat in Tally and their answers have already been marked to put on the bracket. The restaurants already going on the bracket are:

Coosh’s. Gordo’s. Midtown Caboose. Maria Maria. Masa. Bella Bella. The Wilbury. Super Perros. Kool Beanz. Jeri’s Midtown Cafe. Madison Social. Casa Grande. Bumpa’s Local #349. Kiku. McGowan’s. Nagoya and Momo’s.

If you want to add a restaurant to the list simply comment on this post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag the restaurant and your favorite dish there. This will be noted and added to the bracket. I am hoping to finalize the bracket by the end of January and begin the long amazing task of finding the best place to eat in Tally. Let the fun begin and I hope you are hungry!!

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