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Bryan Cranston is an amazing actor and you need to recognize this!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

"He truly is one of the most underrated television actors of our time"

Bryan Cranston is underrated and one of the top television actors we have seen. Bryan Cranston is a top ten television actor of all time based on two performances alone. He made Malcom in the Middle and Breaking Bad. Let’s argue about this.

If you have seen Malcom in the Middle and Breaking Bad, you can recognize how different these shows are and in particular, the role Cranston plays in each one. He takes the comedic route for Malcom in the Middle. He plays a slapstick role as the funny, over the top dad of a dysfunctional family who can barely afford their lifestyle. He is hilarious and also occasionally brings some heartwarming fatherly moments. He is likable and you always root for him and his family. He is not the main focus of the show but by the end of the series he is easily my favorite character.

Let us fast-forward to #BreakingBad. His role of Walter White aka Hersenberg is completely different from the role of funny dad Hal Cleaver. Minor spoilers ahead: He plays a chemistry teacher at a local high school who finds out he has cancer decides to start creating and selling methamphetamine to provide for his family once he dies. A brief introduction into this excellent show. He quickly transforms from a chemistry teacher to a ruthless drug kingpin. Instead of growing with the character, you watch as the character spirals more and more into chaos, violence and takes his family down with him. Your opinion of him might change as you watch the show. Also…if you haven’t seen this show yet, what the hell are you waiting for?!?!

The craziest part about these drastically different roles is not only does he pull them off perfectly, he makes each character his own. Bryan Cranston is Walter White. Facts. I can’t picture anyone else playing a better #WalterWhite. He molded that character and brought out the best and worst in him. The same can be said for his portrayal of Hal Cleaver. He makes that goofy character with a big heart of his own and really has you laughing at him but also rooting for him.

The fact that the same actor portrays goofy Hal Cleaver in Malcom in the Middle to the unforgettable performance of Walter White in Breaking Bad really shows the range and true acting talent of Bryan Cranston. He truly is one of the most underrated television actors of our time. That’s not even mentioning his short lived but memorable roles in Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother. He truly is spectacular and if you haven’t watched these shows especially Breaking Bad, I need you to stop reading this and go watch it. Start it right now. You will be addicted. You’re Welcome.

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