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If you haven't seen Game of Thrones yet, WTF...

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

"You are not some sort of cool hipster who does not do things just because society tells them they should."

Unless you live in a small igloo in Alaska, you have no excuse. Even if you do live in Alaska, you don’t have an excuse since you have to read my shitty article you can most definitely watch Game of Thrones.

You are not some sort of cool hipster who does not do things just because society tells them they should. You are a person who must not enjoy what is in this lowly writer’s opinion is the best show of all-time. Many people won’t agree with that but everyone can agree that it’s a fantastic fucking show. It has everything you could like about a show. Action. Romance. Sex. Humor. You can check all of those off the list. You even have a little Incest every now and again. Hey…shit happens when your siblings are good-looking.

Seriously, I love this show so much I read all the books immediately. The intrigue, the politics(in a good way), the plotting, the action, the romance, the sex, the twists, the turns, the blood and fuck all there IS SO MUCH BLOOD. They spare no expense and they have essential created the greatest show of all-time.

Seriously why are you still reading this? You could already be halfway through the opening credits (which are badass and will get you hyped every episode). Basically, if you aren’t watching Game of Thrones, it doesn’t make you some cool badass who revels against the norms of society. You don’t appreciate good tv. Or you are still living in that Alaskan igloo.

If you are in that igloo, come visit and we will binge that shit for a week straight. You will never want to leave Westeros. If it’s the former, kindly leave. Seriously, you need to leave because we can’t be friends.

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