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2022 Movie Preview Part I: Comics and Sequels lead the way

You guys know the drill by now. I love movies and love telling you guys which movies you should watch. I like to think most of them will be good (don’t judge me if you watched Reminiscence…I messed up with that one). Here are the movies I recommend you watching through the first six months of the year.


If you are a horror/slasher fan this is one for you. This is coming out 25 years after the original film and it’s awesome that they got the OG cast members back. Idk why it’s not called Scream 5 but they didn’t ask me. Also not sure why they are taking a decade between sequels but let’s appreciate that Ghostface is back. “It’s Always Someone You Know” (Release Date: January 14)


We all know that many movie adaptations from video games usually suck (I didn’t think some of the Resident Evil movies were THAT bad). I have a feeling this one should be good. Tom Holland is as popular as ever and bring in Mark Wahlberg as Sully and you have a recipe for an entertaining action movie. You should also play the games. They are cool AF. (Release Date: February 18)

The Batman

“I’M VENGEANCE!” If you know me, you know I love Batman. I’m so fucking pumped for this movie. We finally got an R-rated Batman movie! I’m willing to give Twilight aka Robert Pattinson a chance but early rumors/reviews say this could be as good as The Dark Knight. Woah. I don’t go to the theater as often anymore but I damn sure will be going to see this opening night. Will I dress up…stay tuned. "It's not just a's a warning." (Release Date: March 4)


This is tentative because this movie has been delayed at least 6-7 times. Covid has been the culprit previously but rumor has it that the most recent delay is due to this being part of Sony’s “Spider-Man” universe. I won’t spoil much if you haven’t seen No Way Home but you should go see it like now. Also did anyone else know Jared Leto is 50?!?! “The line between hero and villain will be broken.” (Release Date: April 1)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

I won’t say too much considering you need to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home first but this movie is gonna be wild AF. Doctor Strange is a character I have grown to enjoy over the past couple years. The first MCU film of 2022 and it should be a good one. (Release Date: May 6)

Top Gun: Maverick

The OG Top Gun is obviously a classic (and you all know Kevin’s favorite movie ever). I’m not super hyped but I enjoyed the first film enough that this one has me intrigued. I just hope it isn’t totally nostalgic and advances the story further. Also I respect TC for always doing his own stunts (Release Date: May 27)

Jurassic World: Dominion

The only movie on my list that doesn’t have a trailer yet (damnit). I’m also pumped because we saw the return of Dr. Malcolm in Fallen Kingdom and the rumor is that other OG cast members are returning for this film. I really liked Jurassic World but wasn’t a big fan of Fallen Kingdom. Staying positive for this one (Release Date: June 10)

A solid list of movies to watch all through way through June. I’m easily most excited for The Batman (duh) and Doctor Strange 2 while I think Uncharted is my sleeper pick to be better than expected. What movies are you most looking forward to as we kick off 2022? Let me know in the comments! Cheers and Happy Viewing!

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