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January 2024 Movie Preview: Interesting Selections to Start the Year"

Happy New Year! January is not typically a strong month at the movies. Some refer to this time as "dump months" where movies that don't have the best expectations are released. I admit this isn't the strongest slate of movies but still being a fan of movies I think you should check them out. Here are the movies you should watch this month:

Night Swim

It's a horror movie so you know this would be on my list. I don't know anything about it but I'm digging the trailer. Short, sweet and doesn't give anything away. Do you find a pool at night to be scary? Any horror movie is going to catch my eye and this one either is going to be surprisingly decent or straight trash. We shall see. (Release Date: January 5th)

The Beekeeper

I can't tell you the last Jason Staham movie I watched that wasn't a Fast and Furious or Transporter movie. I will say if you are a fan of the action/vengeance movie then this is right up your alley. This looks like a fun action movie with plenty of violence, some ridiculous kills and some classic one liners. (Release Date: January 12th)


If the movie has Kevin Hart it will catch my attention. I feel like he is good for 2-3 Netflix movies a year. I do enjoy a good heist movie and add in Kevin Hart it could be good. I don't feel like this is going to be anything special but I do expect a few laughs and a somewhat entertaining movie. (Release Date: January 12th on Netflix)


One of my guilty pleasure movies would be any type of space movie. I find them all interesting since we know so little about space and our entire universe. This movie looks intriguing due to it being an original story and what would happen if you are stranded in space during war. Very cool trailer and the one I'm most excited to watch this month. (Release Date: January 19th)

Miller's Girl

I will be honest. Prior to watching the trailer all I knew about this movie was that Jenna Ortega was in this. The English major in me is digging this trailer but this looks like a solid thriller/drama movie. I don't expect this movie to shatter box office records but it should get decent numbers considering Jenna Ortega. (Release Date: January 26)

Which movies are you most looking forward to watching? Let me know in the comments! Cheers and Happy Viewing!

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