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December 2023 Movie Preview: "Holiday Season..but not at the Movies"

We are closing in on the end of 2023 and it's been a pretty solid year for movies. I don't think we are getting any new holiday classics this year but one Christmas movie made the list. I also added a few personal ones that should be really good and we get another comic book movie! Here are the movies you should check out this December.

Candy Cane Lane

I'm actually pretty excited for this one. A new Christmas movie with Eddie Murphy! I will always put a new Christmas movie on the list. This could be one of those movies that you watch this year since it came out and may never watch it again. Or you might love it. Either way I will check it out since it is the holiday season. (Release Date: December 1st on Prime Video)

Leave The World Behind

I don't know much about this movie but goddamn that is a good trailer. Ethan Hawke is a solid actor and this cast is pretty solid and I have no clue what is happening. It gives off some apocalypse feel to it and I predict some crazy twist. I'm looking forward to this one. But seriously, that is how you make a trailer. (Release Date: December 8th on Netflix).


This is one of my top two movies for December. An interesting idea with an origin story for Willy Wonka. Makes me want to go back and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Did we need this prequel? No. Do I want to watch it? Yes. This movie has plenty of buzz already and it should be a critical and box office success. (Release Date: December 15th)

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

A few delays later and a bit of controversy we get the final film of the DCEU. I enjoyed the first Aquaman film. It was nothing special but a decent comic book movie. Jason Momoa makes the film worth watching. I really hope the next slate of DC films is better than the DCEU but I wouldn't mind if they brought Momoa back as Aquaman. One thing we know for sure...we will always have comic book movies! (Release Date: December 22nd)

The Iron Claw

If you are a wrestling fan or a fan of Jeremy Allen White (Shameless, The Bear) then this movie is for you. It is also an A24 movie which always is bonus points for me. I'm always a fan of a biographical film and this one looks solid. Could be an awards season contender? Never say never but my outside prediction is yes. I also see good box office potential for this movie. (Release Date: December 22)

The Boys in the Boat

This is my personal bias for this movie. I was on the rowing team in high school and this trailer unlocked several memories. Rowing was a major part of my high school life as well got me in great shape so I can appreciate this movie. Looks great and under the direction of George Clooney this should be a good one. (Release Date: December 25th)

Which December movies are you most looking forward to seeing? What are your favorite movies from 2023? Let me know in the comments! Happy Holidays and Happy Viewing! Cheers!

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