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2022 Movie Preview Part II: Year of the Sequels?

Here's something I thought I'd never say....Kevin was right. I saw Top Gun: Maverick and damn. We knew he had hyped it up and it sure did deliver. One of the best, if not the best legacy sequels I've seen. This movie and The Batman are my top two so far for the year. This list for the remaining six months of 2022 includes plenty of sequels, MCU and horror because...well it's me. Here are my picks of movies you should watch for the remainder of 2022.

Thor: Love and Thunder

I mean it's Marvel so it has to be on the list? Not necessarily but Thor is a MCU franchise that is back on the right track afterThor: Ragnarok. Curious what Thor and the Guardians have been up to and Thor's ex girl is back so this should be a good one. Clocking in at less than two hours. Rare thing for Marvel. (Release Date: July 8th)

The Gray Man

This looks like it could be a solid action movie from Netflix. Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in a film directed by The Russo Brothers (directors of some of my favorite MCU movies). Always down for a good action movie and Chris Evans has had some good movies since departing the MCU. Whenever I see Ryan Gosling I think Remember the Titans. (Release Date: July 15th in the theaters, July 22nd on Netflix)


You had me at Jordan Peele and horror movies. Get Out and Us were great so I have high hopes for this one. And based on the trailer I'm getting an alien vibe which makes me even more hyped. The trailer doesn't give too much away which is even better. Feels like it could be a top five movie of the year. (Release Date: July 22nd)

Bullet Train

This just looks like a fun movie to me. Brad Pitt as an assassin on a bullet train going through Japan. I swear Brad Pitt just keeps getting cooler the older he gets. Not much else I need to say. Looks like it will be a fun action movie. I have been trash with my sleeper picks lately but I'm picking this to be much better than anticipated. (Release Date: August 5th)

Don't Worry Darling

If you are a fan of the psychological thrillers and Florence Pugh then this is the movie for you. She first caught my attention in Midsommar and she was one of the bright spots of Black Widow. A thriller set in the 50s with a good cast and Mr. Watermelon Sugar himself Harry Styles. Directed by the former Mrs. Ted Lasso Olivia Wilde. (Release Date: September 23rd)


You knew a horror movie or two would make this list. Obviously I'm stoked for Halloween Ends but this one was a late entry. This trailer was good and creepy AF. I have a few theories about how it will play out but just seeing all these creepy smiles from the trailer got me hooked. Who knew people smiling could be so creepy? (Release Date: September 30)

Hocus Pocus 2

Don't judge me. The first one is a classic especially to watch during Halloween. Jason and I might be the only two excited to see this and that is ok. Almost 30 years after the original and the Sanderson sisters are back. It will definitely be included in my annual October/Fearfest movie binge. Also...both movies are based on books?? News to me. (Release Date: September 30th on Disney Plus)

Halloween Ends

If you know me this should be no shock this movie is on my list. Huge fan of the franchise and Michael Myers is my favorite horror icon. The ending of the previous movie definitely left on a cliffhanger and should be curious how this trilogy comes to an end. I WISH WE HAD A TRAILER DAMNIT. I know that it will drop the week after this posts but it's all good. If you follow us on Twitter, you will def see it there. (Release Date: October 14th).

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The second movie on my list that doesn't have a trailer and there is still plenty of intrigue around this sequel. The tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman back in 2020 broke everyone's heart and we weren't sure what would happen. I do like the MCU's decision to not recast Black Panther out of respect but it will be interesting to see how the handle the sequel. The third MCU film of the year. (Release Date: November 11th)

Avatar: The Way of the Water

The sequel 13 years in the making. I remember seeing the first movie in IMAX and it blew me away. This is going to be a movie you should probably see in theaters. Pretty sure I've seen parts of this movie since then but haven't completely rewatched since my first watch. I'm not super hyped but it looks cool so I will check it out. (Release Date: December 16th)

I must say I'm obviously excited for Halloween Kills and Thor: Love and Thunder. Nope could be the best of the group and Avatar 2 will be a must see in IMAX. I'm 0/2 for with my last two sleepers picks but I'm picking Bullet Train to be much better than anticipated. What movies are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments. Cheers and Happy Viewing!

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