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2023 Final Four Preview: The Final Four Nobody Predicted

Over 20 million brackets were submitted for March Madness this year. Not a single perfect bracket left. I did find out that six people did pick these four teams to make the Final Four. That is most impressive considering the four teams that made it to Houston. This was the first year in tournament history that none of the 1 seeds made it to the Sweet 16. None of the top 12 overall seeds made the Final Four. This year we have UConn, San Diego State, Miami and Florida Atlantic. Even typing out the words is still crazy to me. A quick preview of the Final Four matchups and who I think will be cutting down the nets Monday night.

5 San Diego State vs. 9 Florida Atlantic University (6:09 p.m. CBS)

The South region winner San Diego State goes up against this year’s Cinderella team from Boca the winners of the East region Florida Atlantic. The Aztecs had to knock out Charleston, Furman, Alabama (the top overall seed) and Creighton to make the F4. This season gave them their third trip to the Sweet 16 and the first time they have made the Elite Eight or the Final Four. They have a tough matchup against FAU who is also setting records this year. This was only their second NCAA tournament appearance ever and they had 0 tournament wins. Now they are two wins away from the championship. They knocked out Memphis, FDU, Tennessee and Kansas State to make it to the F4. Good defense against a high-powered offense but I think FAU still has the magic with them. I pick FAU to advance to

the championship with yet another upset. FAU 73 San Diego State 70.

5 Miami vs. 4 UConn (8:49 p.m. on CBS)

The winner of the Midwest Region Miami (gross) squares off against the winner of the West Region UConn in the second Final Four game. My personal bias aside…. Miami is a good team. I hate admitting it but they were the most consistent team in the ACC this year. The fact that we (FSU) came back down 25 and beat that at home still blows my mind but I’ll take it. Miami took out Drake, Indiana, Houston and Texas to make it to the F4. UConn knocked out Iona, Saint Mary's (my sleeper or so I thought), Arkansas and crushed Gonzaga. I truly believe UConn was not seeded right at a 4 seed as I think they are the best team remaining. It's going to be a good game but I take UConn beating Miami and advancing to the championship game. UConn 81 Miami 77.

I predict the championship game Monday night will be San Diego State vs UConn. I think it will be a closer game than some may think but I predict UConn will be the team to cut down the nets on Monday. This would be their fifth NCAA championship and would move them into a tie with Duke and Indiana for the fourth most all-time. This would be a fitting end to one of the wildest tournaments I can ever remember. Who will win the whole thing? Let me know below! Enjoy the few games of basketball we have left!

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