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7 Ways to road trip better with your wife

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

‘She didn’t kill me after 16 hours, so that’s a win’

We just drove over 3400 miles with 2 dogs, stops in Tennessee, Michigan, Florida, Ohio and other multiple cities along the way. It was long as hell but we made it and saw some cool shit along the way. And because I'm an annoying husband, I decided to test some things. Here are 7 that worked...


1) Have one person pack the car.

If she’s better, let her pack the car. 1 mind is best. I thought I was good but I was damn wrong. My wife has mastered Car Tetris.

2) Schedule stops 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance.

Don’t wait till you’re hangry or worse, she’s hangry or needs to pee. Attack that bad boy head on, no one needs that evil. Oh, and have multiple food options.

3) Have an unusual amount of snacks available.

And I’m not talking about a bag of chips. I’m talking all food groups. A little fruit, sugar, carbs, gum and some jerky. Cover your basics people!

4) If you have dogs, bring them.

Look, I know it sounds crazy AF, but they’re like our kids and my wife feels less guilty during the trip which means less pouty face talks and worrying about them. Plus, the dogs do some weird shit on road trips that make for great times.

(like Odee, my oldest, peeing on another dogs head at a rest stop)

5) Just let her control the radio...

I’m not saying let her choose everything but give her the final say and have options. Don’t mess around, it’s not worth it and if it gets bad you have my next tip below.

6) But have podcasts, audiobooks and playlists ready.

Like I said earlier, options make it easier but not too many options. Come in with 2 or 3 options at most; playlist, podcast or audiobook. If its a long trip, make sure its a long audiobook or a podcast with a ton of episodes.

7) CBD/Hemp oil for everyone!

I’m not trying to push my hippy ass stuff on you but we got some for the dogs and when traffic hits for us. My younger pup gets anxious on rides, shivering and sitting like a statue, not laying down or even looking out. I gave him dog friendly CBD oil and the pup laid down, looked out the window and took naps. #winning.

(If you need the harder stuff, do you boo. I’m not here to judge)


Use the tips, ignore them or laugh at them. Either way, it worked for us and we won't be traveling any less in the future.

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