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Sorry Fortnite...We Are Sliding With Apex Legends

"Mark my words. Apex Legends will soon be the new king of Battle Royale"

Welcome to the hottest trend in gaming right now. It's called Battle Royale. Battle Royale games are typically shooter games that throw a group of players on a map to play a game of survival. The catch to Battle Royale is that there is a impending shrinking ring of death on the map that gets smaller and smaller as the game goes on. Forget about all that nonsense.

That isn’t why you clicked my article. We are here for the current battle between the new game Apex Legends and the reigning Battle Royale king, Fortnite.  


I don’t want to play politician here but both of these games are great and both have advantages to why you should play them both. They both have one similar key to their success: they are free games. When someone doesn’t have to pay for a game, it makes them more inclined to try it out. You will immediately be hooked on these games. Fortnite does has some advantages over Apex. One of those major advantages is that you can play cross platform with friends from XBOX, Playstation or PC all in the same game. That is pretty sweet. Fortnite also allows you play in a solo, duos or a squad game. Apex only has a three man squad game at the moment. If they are smart, they will make changes very soon.

Even though Fortnite is the king of Battle Royale games, that doesn’t mean Apex doesn’t have their own advantages. One thing that makes Apex so amazing is it has plenty of options. Apex has about 20 different guns and all of them have different attachments and some can even be supercharged. Fortnite on the other hand doesn’t have any attachment options. Apex options don’t stop with the weapons, they also have different characters (aka legends) to pick from and each have their own special abilities. Some would also consider Apex a better game as well because it is a pure shooter. In Fortnite, you can shoot someone and they automatically build a giant fortress and then it just becomes a contest to see who is the better builder. In Apex it’s a straight up gun battle. If you want cover, you better find some. That’s definitely a plus for Apex.  

In the end, both are great games and both have a little advantages over the other. In my opinion, Fortnite better not get too comfortable on that throne because Apex is coming for them. EA is backing Apex Legends which means the sky's the limit for this exciting new game. Fortnite will always have a special place in everyone’s heart and some may actually still play it. Mark my words. Apex Legends will soon be the new king of Battle Royale.


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