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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

I just want to note before you start judging my taste in movies, I LOVE Christmas. And I know you’re not going to sit back into a cinematic Oscar winning film and rave about these later. They are what they are, Christmas movies to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Side note, this new whiskey apple cider cocktail that’s going around is actually bangarang! A future hangover but still really good.


Now for the rankings.

What I did was break down most of the new Christmas movies from Netflix and Disney + into 2 simple categories; Overall Entertainment and how well it gets you into the Christmas Spirit.

Both categories are out of 5 Stars!

(Sorry Hallmark, you’re on a whole new level and nobody got time for that)


It has Rob Lowe and the chick from Sex in the City, I figured it be pretty good and it was. It just wasn't really a Christmas movie. Awesome story about saving elephants and helping others but that's pretty easy when you're loaded and can take off a year from work and chill in Africa. Production value was there though.

This movie was bad ass. One of the more original Christmas stories I've seen in a movie. The way they did the animation was unique, the music was awesome (Invisible is on my playlist btw) and again, the story was very very unique and cool. Only reason why I didn't give it a full 4 stars for entertainment is due to it being animated. I don't hate animations but I don't get sucked in as much. This will forever be on my Christmas movie list from now on though.

Apparently this is a book or something dumb like that. The only saving grace to this movie was Keon, the dude thats trying to throw an epic rager through out the movie, he was funny as hell. Other than that, it had your 3 typical love stories and some snow. Maybe I'm just old and not into teen movies but if you are strapped for time, skip it.

How has this story not been done for a Christmas movie before on a larger scale?! The dude time travels to 2019 to accomplish his Knight's mission. It's all about Christmas and the different traditions we have vs what he has. It has its funny moments when he tries to adapt to current times, graphics are a little weak but it puts you into the Christmas mood, IMO. I'd watch the corny flix again.

How do you land these actors and screw up?! Ask Disney, cause they did. Bill Hader is the next Santa but he's not all about it but Anna Kendrick is. Spoiler alert, Bill Hader isn't in the movie as much as he should have been, but when he was, he was the Bill we all love, he just wasn't in it enough. Story line was pretty original and the Christmas spirit is there, just because it's all about Santa but damn bro, do better.


Look Christmas is kick ass, watching bad Christmas movies is part of Christmas, I know its part of my tradition.

Let me know what other movies you liked that got released and go check out last years Christmas Special episode on the Podcast. We ranked and voted on 32 Christmas Movies in one night. Click to the image to listen to it on itunes!


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