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Fake or Real Boobs? We Asked 30 guys what they prefer

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

" Do what’s right for you and make the world a better place. Boobs for the win!”

There are over 100 names for breasts; Ladies, fiery biscuits, melons, boobies, the twins, Danny Devito’s or even snuggle pups. The list goes on and on but it just shows you how infatuated men are with them. Believe it or not…we can also be ass guys too.


So, I asked 30 guys this question, Fake or Real Boobs? A few didn’t answer (you know who you are and you suck), a few couldn’t decide, saying things like “home grown or store bought, I like it all”. But, the responses that I got though out the process was the real winner.

“Natural is better. They feel like rocks that could potentially knock you out.”

I also want to reference that most of the guys that I asked said they were up for whatever the woman chooses.

I’ll be completely honest with you. I grew up in the 90s. I felt like women were getting fake boobs like they were snap bands (THROW BACK). Fake boobs were in every MTV music video, back when MTV still played music videos. They were on every TV show, including the fan favorite, Baywatch, and pretty much every movie playing in theaters. They were EVERYWHERE.

So that made me a little curious about where the 2019 man stood on this subject and the answers clearly show that most guys are pro all natural. It seems the majority of guys love boobs just the way they are. If you take out the few that didn’t respond (again you suck), at least 75% are on #TeamRealBoobs.

“I like a handful. If fake boobs help…I’m for it.”

I did ask the other 25% why they liked fake boobs. But by asking them I forced them into a corner by telling them “if it was your last day alive and you could only see/feel one last pair of boobs would they be real or fake?”, this was obviously the most scientific way to approach it…

I’m going to wrap it up and leave you with this parting note. Straight guys are simple creatures, we love boobs.

I know you were also wondering...I don’t care either way, I’m an ass guy.


Here are some of the responses I got, Enjoy.

“I’m a no. They typically come out porn star Pam Anderson fake. I’d rather an A cup than those.”

“If we were to die and it was the last pair ever…then real.”

“It’s like slapping God in the face….”

“If you can touch them, they’re real.”

“It’s so hard to classify with just two options when there are so many variations.”

“I would grab a dudes (fake) boobs. I have no shame and we can share! Would be mega fun at parties!”

“Do what’s right for you and make the world a better place. Boobs for the win!”

“i’m all for em. Never had any hands on experience, but I’m all for looking”

“I hope you are asking women about penile enlargements”

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