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The sexiest body part according to 30 women

“That is hard, ass and chest. Depends if they’re walking toward you or away”

Gentleman, the ladies have spoken and it's not exactly what I expected! But before we dive into the findings, let's go over the rules.

Like I’ve done in the past, I polled a group of people and asked them one question - What’s the sexiest physical feature of a man? This time I asked only women and go figure, most ladies had trouble giving me a solid answer…(bad joke?)

Calm down ladies, you know giving us a solid answer isn’t your strength.I created this poll because who wouldn’t want to know what a woman today likes on a man the most? I mean the ladies are all over the place these days. Makes me think about the dumb ass fads that we’ve had to endure.



This was out of control. I honestly thought men should press charges on some ladies. I’ve witnessed random women just massage and caress a man’s beard on a sidewalk. Maybe this can work in the north but in the south, y'all know how dirty that is?

The Man Bun

I honestly don’t know what to say about this one. Ladies can’t decide if they want a long, masculine beard like Gandalf or if they want your basic ponytail? I’ll be PC and keep quiet but it’s stupid.

The Dad Bod

Ok, I don’t get it but I kind of like it. It gives the average joe a chance. I secretly think ladies like this so it keeps us in check and less attractive to other ladies but I digress. If you think about it, it’s an odd thing to want an overweight, hairy and sweaty man on you, but do you boo.



After some concern and a lot of “strange” replies, I combined arms and shoulders into one.

Back 4

Arms/Shoulders 10

Legs 2

Ass 5

Chest 5

Abs 4

Get on that Arnold presses a few more times boys, because the shoulders and arms are it. It makes sense. The ladies always like to hold on to an arm when you walk together, we are always opening up the jars and who wouldn’t want some boulder shoulders.

Looks like ass and legs aren’t nearly as popular as it is with the guys and now you have an excuse to skip leg day bro! You’re welcome. And damn, no love for the abs huh?

I was shocked to see chest so high on the count. Is it weird that women like a big set of man boobs? I don’t know, but they do. At the end of the day, just keep doing you until the next dumb ass fad comes out.

That being said, if you disagree, have another poll idea or just want to troll me, subscribe and follow us @cuptocupshow on all socials.


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