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My TOP 5 Holiday Drinking Games

Who doesn’t love a good time during the holidays? If you know me, you knowI love Christmas and I love games! You add in some alcohol and it’s a good time for everyone.

These are some of my favorite drinking games to play during the holidays. If you don’t drink, you can still play, get jacked up on some non-alcoholic eggnog! It’s Christmas, don’t be a douche. Or should I say…Grinch ;)


How The Grinch Stole Christmas Drinking Game

A team movie drinking game. Hell yea!


Players : 2 or more

What you’ll Need :

  • TV

  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas Movie

You need to split up into two teams:

The Whos and The Grinches

Each time the Boris Karloff (the narrator) says the name of your team, take a drink.

Example, when he says “Whos down in Whoville,” that team should drink twice.

Don’t worry, Who Team, remember the Grinch has his own theme song…


The Santa Hat Drinking Game

A classic but I have a twist for you. Since we’re playing these other drinking games…


Players : 1 or more

What you’ll Need : TV with shit to watch

It’s simple. This game is best with a small get together or a virtual chill having this on in the background. Place a Santa hat on the corner of your tv and start watching tv. When the hat looks like the above photo “placed nicely on a head”, everyone must FINISH their drink.


Prancer Pong

It's beer pong, with ornaments and liquor...


Players : 2 or more

What You’ll Need:

  • 2-3 different color solo cups

  • ping pong balls

  • table

  • beer

  • liquor

All of the regular rules of beer pong apply aka House Rules, but the formation of the cups needs to be in the shape of a Christmas tree. Using mostly one color and leaving a few spots for another color in your Christmas tree rack (as if they are the “ornaments” of the tree). For the “ornament” cup, you add a shot. Wanna go super Christmas booji? Here’s a Christmas shot recipe below! You’re welcome.



Kris Kringle

This will get loud and little crazy but its fun...


Players : 5 or more

What You’ll Need: Your favorite booze

Sit in a circle and go around, in order, saying “Kris Kringle” at a fast pace.

If anyone in the circle messes up the name or takes too long to say it, they must drink.

  • You can also say “Christmas Drinks” on your turn instead, which reverses the direction of play!

  • If anybody speaks out of turn, they must drink! Each person has a maximum of using 2 “Christmas Drinks” per game.


Kringle's Kup

This is just a basic bitch spin-off of the classic Kings Cup. Card instructions below.


Players : 4 to 8

What You’ll Need:

  • Deck of Cards (remove jokers)

  • A shot (refer back to that delicious Christmas Cookie Shot)

Everyone sits around the cup with the shot in it. Spread the deck in a circle around the cup. Each person will take a turn removing a card.

Here’s what each card represents:

Ace: Blizzard The same as waterfall, but seasonal. Don’t hate.

2: All I want for Christmas is you The player who pulls this card gets to pick one person to take a shot, that person can take it or spread the love and pass it to another instead (Max 2 passes). (People remember, don’t ruin friendships)

3: Tree Everyone has to put both arms above their head so that their fingertips are touching and form the shape of a Christmas tree. The last person to do so has to drink.

4: Spirit Galore Everyone drinks.

5: Jingle Jive The person who picks this card has to do a dance move. The next person then has to do that move and add another one to it. This continues around the circle until someone messes up and has to drink.

6: Santa Picks The player who pulls this card chooses one other player who must drink every time the card-puller does for the rest of the game.

7: Heaven All players must raise their drink to the sky. The last person to do so must finish their drink.

8: Skate Skate together with the person straight in front of you and take a drink together.

9: Rhyme The same rules as the standard game, one person says a word and the next person must say a word that rhymes with that word. The first person that fails to do so, drinks. But start with only holiday-related words.

10: Categories The same as the standard game, pick a category and everyone must say an item within that category. Example: “Christmas desserts – Sugar Cookies” But this time, use holiday-related categories only.

J: Jack Frost Guys drink.

Q: Nutcracker Queen Ladies drink.

K: Never Have I Ever (Christmas Edition) Just play the old school way but only Christmas related things you haven’t done.

Shout out to the sites below for helping me discover these bad ass games. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Comment below with some of your holiday games!


While you're here, check out the podcast- Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast. New episodes every Tuesday!

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