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Fyre Festival 2.0?

" We are in luck as one of the most forgettable rappers of the early 2000s has another brilliant idea"

The Fyre Festival was an epic failure. It was promoted and promised to be this epic, luxury music festival on a private island in The Bahamas with luxury villas, VIP lounges and beautiful models along with amazing musical acts. Attendees arrived ready to party but found out that their luxury villas were actually FEMA tents and mattress that had been left out in the rain. The “gourmet meals” turned out to be cheese sandwiches. Yes. Fucking cheese sandwiches in foam containers. Who could pass up a delicious cheese sandwich?!?!?!

It was a complete shit show by CEO Billy McFarland and his co-founder Ja Rule that two separate documentaries about the doomed festival were released by Netflix and Hulu. Fyre became a social media sensation. I somehow missed everything about this and the documentaries were the first exposure I had. McFarland was actually sentenced to six years in prison for #26 million in fraud. Ja Rule claims he was innocent through the whole process and that it wasn’t a scam. Ja Rule has even admitted he hasn’t watched either documentary because they are too heartbreaking. It must have been tough for him to take people’s money and strand them on a private island and deliver nothing that you promised. Must be tough bro.


We are in luck as one of the most forgettable rappers of the early 2000s has another brilliant idea. He wants to create #Fyre Festival 2.0 and he promises this one will be “Iconic.” The ironic part is that Ja Rule is referring to his #Iconn app. This is an app similar to Fyre which is promised to be a celebrity booking and concierge service. It’s a cool idea but if history has shown us anything, this is going to be another epic failure.

I’m just not sure why Ja Rule is even considering this. He was lucky that he wasn’t charged and didn’t even up facing any prison time. You would think he would probably try to move on and distance himself from this. He went the other route. He decides he wants to do another festival which you know has all the potential to be another disaster. I’m all for it. You won’t see me buying a ticket for this festival. I can sleep in a tent and enjoy a tasty cheese sandwich in my backyard. I don’t need to drop $5k to get stranded on a private island.

Keep us posted, #JaRule! IT’S MURDAAAAA!!!!

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Annie L
Annie L
Oct 03, 2021

Thanks great blog post

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