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July 2023 Movie Preview: Summer Movie Season Continues

We are smack in the middle of summer movie season and July has some solid additions. I still never got why horror movies release in the summer. We have action, comedy, horror and a Christopher Nolan movie with about 33 actors in it. Here are the July movie releases I think you should check out.

Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part One

This is a perfect example of a franchise that has gotten better as the years pass. I will def need to rewatch these movies. This checks all the mark for a summer blockbuster and knowing all the crazy stunts, you will want to see this one in theaters. You know our boy Kevin will be I'm expecting the largest opening weekend for the franchise. (Release Date: July 12th).


The July 21st movie battle's first opponent is a Christopher Nolan film that has been hyped up for over a year now. I'm a big fan of Cillian Murphy and him along with the 23 other people cast in this movie including Robert Downey Jr, Florence Pugh, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Looking forward to this story and all the practical effects. This seems like one you must see in theaters (Release Date: July 21st)


The second movie of the July 21st movie showdown. A movie that has been in production for years but is finally coming to the big screen. You had me at Margot Robbie so you know that I'm interested. A solid cast including Will Ferrell and I like from the trailers the story they are going to tell. July 21st is going to be a busy weekend at the movies. (Release Date: July 21st)

Haunted Mansion

While it's not the horror movie I'm normally about, I'm still quite excited for this one. Not sure why they wouldn't release this during October but good news is that I get to see it sooner. Solid cast and looks fairly creepy while paying plenty of respect to the Disney ride. This is a good example (based on the trailer) on how to do a reboot. (Release Date: July 28th)

Sympathy For The Devil

Anybody want to guess how many acting credits Nic Cage has on IMDB? I was shocked when I saw the number then realized the dude will take any role offered. I recently came across this trailer and this could be a solid thriller. Gives me a similar vibe of 2004's Collateral (hey another Tom Cruise movie). Prolly won't see this in theaters but def want to watch it. (Release Date: July 28th)

Solid slate of movies coming out this July. Who do you think wins the July 21st movie battle? I'm going to guess Oppenheimer but not by much. I think overall the highest grossing movie of this month will be the newest Mission: Impossible. Which movies are you going to see? Did I miss any on my list? Let me know! Cheers and Happy Viewing!

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