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September 2023 Movie Preview: “Halloween Starts in September”

The title says it all. As someone who loves Halloween and horror movies, we might as well start “spooky season” on September 1st. Kinda like how people start their holiday season on November 1st. Seems that is happening for movies this year as we have three new horror movies releasing this month. Here are the movies you should check out (not all horror movies).

The Equalizer 3

The third and final film of the trilogy loosely based on the 80s TV show. The movies are worth a watch considering Denzel Washington is awesome and still kicking ass at almost 70 years old. If you like a good action thriller or you remember the old TV show, this movie is for you. (Release Date: September 1)

The Nun II

If it is part of The Conjuring universe, I’m hyped for it. This will be the 9th film of the franchise and a direct sequel to The Nun. All of these movies are creepy AF and again why aren’t we releasing this in October?? This would be a good one to see in theaters or at home with all the lights off. Plenty of jump scares await you. (Release Date: September 8)

A Haunting in Venice

The third film featuring Kenneth Branagh as Detective Hercule Poirot. I liked Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile was eh. I'm liking the supernatural twist this film is going to have. I'm a fan of a good detective mystery film and Branagh makes these films enjoyable if you are a fan of the genre. (Release Date: September 15)

The Creator

A science fiction action thriller dealing with a war between humans and AI? Sounds like something out of Kevin's nightmares. This film starts John David Washington (Denzel's son) and has received plenty of hype online. Nice to see an original science fiction story in a world of remakes and sequels. Solid trailer has me looking forward to this. (Release Date: September 29)

Saw X

Yep. These movies are still happening. This is the 11th film of the franchise and I never thought it would last this long. This one in particular is set between Saw and Saw II so it is a sequel and also a prequel? If you have seen any of them you know what to expect. I have missed the last few but maybe it is time for a marathon before the new one? I bet some people will do that. (Release Date: September 29)

Like I said before. Halloween comes early this year with three of these five movies being horror movies. I'm most looking forward to The Nun II and probably most intrigued by The Creator. since I know very little about it. Which movies are you going to watch this month? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments. Cheers and Happy Viewing!

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