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“The Dream is a Reality! The Best Show Ever is Returning!”

October 14th, 2020. (Yes it took me some time to gather my thoughts).

I will never forget that day because that is the date I found out that Dexter Morgan will be returning to all of our lives. Showtime dropped the bombshell that Dexter would be returning for a 10 episode limited series during the fall of 2021. It is being described as the “second finale” to the show that aired from 2006-2013. This show is hands down one of Showtime’s most popular series and it aired for eight seasons and had a total of 96 episodes.

I’m definitely biased when it comes to this show but anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite show of all-time. That’s right. It’s my number one of all-time even beating out some favorites including Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones (also great shows but Dexter has always been the GOAT to me). I have been Dexter for Halloween several times, have the books the show is based on, have a shot glass and own some of the seasons on DVD. I think you get my point.

I’ll compare it to Breaking Bad, which many argue is their favorite show of all-time.

  1. Story goes to Dexter. Dexter starts off from the pilot and doesn’t look back. Breaking Bad has a good story but it’s what you would call a “slow burn” and takes a while to get going.

  2. Lead actor. This is my hot take but give me Michael C. Hall over Bryan Cranston. Both are talented actors. I just feel that Michael C. Hall owns the role of Dexter. Nobody else could play him. He is along the line of actors that own the role they play (Robet Downey Jr.-Iron Man, Hugh Jackman-Wolverine, just to name a few). Bryan Cranston is good but I could see someone else playing Heisenberg.

  3. Seasons and Episodes go to Dexter. Dexter had a total of 96 episodes compared to Breaking Bad’s 62 episodes. Many will argue the last few seasons of Dexter weren’t good I would counter with another hot take. I take Dexter S4 > Breaking Bad S5. Boom. There I said it.

  4. The opening credits. Dexter could arguably have one of the best opening sequences “the morning routine.” That’s all I need to say.

The greatest satisfaction of the show returning is to make things right. If you watched Dexter you know that many of its seasons were excellent and some were just eh. The final season was definitely eh but the ending...I’m going to leave it alone. Since the show is returning next fall, you have plenty of time to binge watch and catch up. I won’t provide any spoilers but in my opinion the ending was straight trash. We now have a chance for one of the best shows ever to get a second chance to fix the ending and make everything right for Miami Metro’s favorite Forensic Technician.

Michael C. Hall is a very talented actor and has been saying for years that he was open to the idea of playing Dexter again. It’s finally happening. 2020 has been a shit year but 2021 is already looking better since the “Dark Passenger” himself is coming back for 10 more episodes. If you haven’t seen Dexter, the entire series is on Netflix right now. Go binge watch it and then let me know how awesome it is.

Dexter returns to Showtime during the fall of 2021!

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