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Kevin the Dadcaster

First off let me just say I am a father of two girls ages 4 and 6. They are both active in school and my oldest does gymnastics during the week. It's not easy or even sometimes fair to the family for me to be a podcaster but I love it and my wife and family are my biggest supporters.

As a father of a "rated R podcast", I knew that I would have to be away from my kids when I recorded. Every Wednesday night I head to “my” garage to my podcast desk and enjoy the hour or so recording with my best friends. We time it perfectly when the kids are off to bed and I'm sure I get some snooping ears, but I feel safe knowing that my kids won't know about if I'd eat chocolate that looks like shit or shit that tastes like chocolate.

Having a supporting cast like my wife and kids makes things so much easier as a podcaster because I can bounce ideas off of them. An easy example is when the girls tried Froot Loops for literally the first time in their lives or when I asked my wife, Erica if she thinks me voting for Thanos over Scarlet Witch was a good idea. (You have to listen to the show to find out how I voted).

In the end, you can't be a great dad podcaster without the support of your family or it just isn’t going to work. Balance your time out, know when to keep them involved and when to cover their ears. It may be an added burden to time with family but when you do something you love, it changes the type of person, father, and husband you are.

Make sure to listen to our Podcast - Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast. New episodes every Tuesday! Seriously, go laugh your ass off and listen!

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