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Should the WORST NFL team play the BEST XFL team?

"It’s like asking if 2019 LSU could beat the 2019 Bengals. The answer is no…no they couldn’t"

It’s the second weekend of  February and your NFL withdrawals are just beginning. A Sunday without football and you feel empty inside. This year is different though as we say goodbye to another NFL season, we say hello to the rebooted version of the XFL. XFL 2.0 is here because the original was crap. Too much focus on violence and entertainment and it only lasted one season. The owner of the league is Vince McMahon, owner and CEO of WWE. That is all you need to know.

We aren’t here to talk about the shit show that was the 2001 XFL. I’m here to give you my thoughts about an interesting idea I came across while scrolling through the endless timelines of social media. The Cincinnati Bengals were the worst NFL team this season with a record of 2-14. They are getting the first pick of the draft and more than likely drafting Joe Burrow (who doesn’t seem thrilled about the idea). Imagine this though. End of the NFL season the worst NFL team (Bengals) play a game against the XFL Champ (let’s use the St. Louis Battlehawks, badass name) and if the Battlehawks win, they replace the Bengals in the NFL and the Bengals are demoted to the XFL.

I have some thoughts. I’m not the biggest soccer fan but the relegation factor has always been interesting to me. It keeps teams motivated even if the playoffs or a championship are out of reach. My boy Chaser also hit on the head by saying it would prevent NFL teams from tanking if they knew a Sacko Bowl was looming with the XFL champion. Is this something you would watch? I find the idea intriguing knowing that a team with the worst season doesn’t get rewarded with the first draft pick, they have to beat the XFL champ or it’s down to the minor leagues they go. I would watch just for the pure fact that it’s a football game that has meaning as one team fights off relegation (hopefully my Jaguars would never be there). Might be enough for some coaches to keep their jobs knowing they didn’t make it to the Sacko Bowl and weren’t responsible for sending a storied franchise to the XFL.

On the flip side, this could be seen as boring because it brings up the old debate of whether the best college team could beat the worst NFL team (which they couldn’t). The XFL isn’t college football but it isn’t the NFL. I feel that even though the Bengals are trash they would wipe the floor with the Battlehawks (even though their name is better). Do we really need the Bengals to beat the Battlehawks 40-7 to prove they don’t need to be relegated? I don’t think the Bengals could score 40 points but that’s another story. It’s like asking if 2019 LSU could beat the 2019 Bengals. The answer is no…no they couldn’t (ironic that LSU’s former QB is likely to be the Bengals new QB. Sorry Joe).

I’ve also heard many say this is a valid option to replace the Pro Bowl. I’m ok with that. I can’t tell you the last time I watched the Pro Bowl. I feel this would bring more excitement and intrigue at the end of the year to have the worst team have to win a game to remain in the league rather than a game that literally means nothing.

The idea itself is a long shot as I doubt the NFL would ever be ok with doing this but we can dream. The XFL would love this as it would be exposure and a great way to promote the league. Would you actually watch this game if it actually ever became a reality? It’s time to #EmbraceTheDebate as we see trending on a regular basis. Comment below or hit us up on any of our platforms to let us know your thoughts.



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