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Wildcard Weekend 2024: All Roads Lead to Sin City

Postseason football is back! I'm a bit sadder about it this year as my Jaguars had an epic collapse and won't be participating. I'm going to try and look past that as 12 other teams being the road to Vegas with Wildcard Weekend. A quick breakdown and prediction of the six matchups.

Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans (Saturday 4:30 p.m. on NBC)

The postseason begins with the Browns visiting the Texans. Yes the Houston Texans. The winners of the AFC South since the Jags fucked around and let it slip. No more mention of the Jags I promise. The Texans take their first year head coach and rookie QB CJ Stroud into the playoffs after finishing 10-7. The Browns finished 11-6 and second in their division behind Baltimore. They met once during the regular season which the Browns won 36-22. Should be an exciting game but that Browns defense is too much for CJ and the Texans. Browns win 31-21.

Crew Picks:

Browns: Chris/Kevin/Jason Texans: Chase

Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs (Saturday 8:00 p.m. on Peacock)

You saw that correctly. The defending Super Bowl champions will be hosting the Dolphins in possibly one of the coldest games ever...on Peacock. Good luck to anyone over 60 finding this game. Bold move to put this game on streaming. I know it is all about the money but damn. Both teams enter the playoffs at 11-6 and the Dolphins will have to overcome some injuries. They met back in Germany during the year which the Chiefs won 21-14. Should be another good game and I'm pulling for the upset. Sorry Swifties but I think the Dolphins pull the upset on the road. Dolphins win 28-24.

Crew Picks:

Dolphins: Chris/Chase/Jason Chiefs: Kevin

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills (Sunday 1 p.m. on CBS)

Our Sunday games begin with arguably the hottest team in the league the Bills against the Steelers who always find a way to have a winning season. The Bills have won 5 straight and have all the momentum while the Steelers quietly have won three straight and snuck into the playoffs. They didn't meet during the regular season and the Steelers lead the all-time series 17-12. I do believe that the Steelers are a first round exit as the Bills move on. Bills win 24-13.

Crew Picks:

Steelers: Chase Bills: Chris/Kevin/Jason

Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys (Sunday 4:30 p.m. on FOX)

Another solid matchup that 2/5 of the podcast is very hyped for. The Packers are the youngest team ever to clinch a playoff spot. Packers won three straight to end the season and you know the Cowboys fans are saying "This is our year!" as they always do. Packers lead the all-time series 21-17 and have won four straight. I feel this will be a high scoring game and I calling for another upset! Go Pack Go as they upset the Cowboys 38-34.

Crew Picks:

Packers: Chris/Kevin/Jason Cowboys: Chase

Los Angeles Rams @ Detroit Lions (8 p.m. on NBC)

Sunday's matchups wrap up with another NFC North team the Lions (a team I feel like many are pulling for) against the Rams. Lions in the playoffs for the first time since 2016 and coming off their first division title ever. The Rams won four straight games heading into the playoffs and are looking to make their second Super Bowl in the past three seasons. Should be another close game but I'm picking the Lions to edge this out over the Rams 20-17.

Crew Picks:

Lions: Chris/Kevin/Chase/Jason

Philadelphia Eagles @ Tampa Bay Bucs (8:15 p.m. on NBC)

The final matchup of Wildcard Weekend gives us the slumping defending NFC Champion Eagles against the Bucs who have won the NFC South yet again. The Eagles won their regular season meeting 25-11 but the Eagles are a bit down right now and Baker Mayfield is playing with some confidence. I see another high scoring game but I think the Eagles will escape with this win to move to the next round. Eagles win 27-21.

Crew Picks:

Eagles: Chris/Kevin/Chase Bucs: Jason

I have picked the Browns, Dolphins, Bills, Packers, Lions and Eagles. Chaser will be locked in Saturday watching his team play in the frozen tundra inside Arrowhead. Plenty of day-drinking for the Packers/Cowboys. You may also notice Jose didn't make any selections. I believe the direct quote was "I don't give a fuck." Overall, I'm here for some good games as we enter our final month of football. Who do you predict will win these games? Let me know in the comments. Cheers and FOOTBALL!

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